Almiaad Lingua is your local partner for all your translation and language services needs in Canada. Canadian French translation experts are here to meet your needs for professional translation.

Almiaad Lingua provides sign language services, American sign language is only one example of our expertise in sign language translation and interpreting

Almiaad Lingua is a global provider of translation services. We can support more than 100 languages

Welcome to Almiaad Lingua

Professional Canadian French translation from, a reliable partner!
We simply help you transmit your message in a local language.

Localization as a form of contextualized translation has been in more demand since global products and services conquered local markets. Hence, the need to sound local is becoming very important.

Since accurately rendering a message in a target language is not enough, Almiaad Lingua has adopted a localized strategy for the provision of language services. We now have teams in Canada providing professional French, English and more than 100 language pairs.

Almiaad Lingua provides a host of translation and language solutions to clients in Canada and those in contact with Canadian companies, institutions and individuals. For the good reputation we have built, we rely on the unparalleled expertise and professional conduct of our translators and project managers. Our reputation and rich experience guarantee a special handling of your documents and projects starting with the choice of the right staff and the high level of confidentiality we attribute to our customers’ files and procedures.

We guarantee competitive rates and reasonable costs for all your services.


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About Us

Almiaad Lingua is a local Canadian and global provider of translation, interpreting, proofreading, training, education and voice over services for public and private clients.