The specificity of the Canadian market, as identified through our long experience with local customers, has made it easier for us to identify the targeted specialties and population sectors.

Our document translation and proofreading services provide an important help for business operators who have strong ties with Canadian businesses as well as those Canadian businessmen looking for global opportunities.

We translate corporate profiles and prepare their legal documents and design needs by offering a bundle of business starter kit which covers translation of documents, interpreting of meetings, design logo, writing of the brochures and their translation into a list of operating languages.

Almiaad Lingua offers accurate and stamped medical translation for different purposes and occasions. We translate medical reports, pharmaceutical brochures and surveys and medical course books and study materials.

Our localization of products and brand name analysis services are useful for Canadian companies which export their brands and services to other countries and to those competing to sell in the Canadian market. Our experts localize names of products and websites for companies as well.

Each translation project we handle is proofread for accuracy and consistency. However, if the subject matter requires special handling a second proofreading by another expert is run. Almiaad Lingua employs special measures of quality assurance which emphasize the importance of the output before submission to customers.

With Almiaad Lingua, your project is within professional translators’ hands!

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